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Arizona Boaters: Don’t Move a Mussel!

Arizona Boaters: Don’t Move a Mussel!

  • 16 Aug 0

Arizona’s “Don’t Move a Mussel” law, enacted in 2009 oversees protection of natural waters from predatory mussels thought to have arrived in the United States on European shipping vessels.  It is quite simple: Single Day Boaters a required by law to follow four steps when leaving the lake or waterway designated as having quagga and/or zebra mussels.

Clean-any plants or organic materials (mud) from your anchor, boat, motor and trailer

Drain- Remove the plug and drain all water from the bilge, live-well, and  all other compartments that could hold water. Drain water from engine and engine cooling systems

Dry-Make sure watercraft, vehicle, equipment, or conveyance are allowed to dry out completely

Wait 5 Days-don’t launch your vehicle for five days;  this is the amount of time required to kill residual larvae

If in doubt, please review at Arizona Game and Fish Department website-

Otherwise, have a safe, fun filled day enjoying our beautiful desert lakes and waterways!

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