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Bubonic Plague the 411 Part 2
How is Bubonic Plage contracted?  Bubonic plague is an infection of the lymphatic system, usually resulting from the bite of an infected flea, Xenopsylla cheopis (the rat flea). In very rare circumstances, as in the septicemic plague, the disease can be transmitted by direct contact with infected tissue or exposure to the cough of another human. The fleas are often found on rodents such as rats and mice, and seek out other prey when their rodent hosts die. The bacteria...

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Bubonic Plague the 411 Part 1
Bubonic plague Bubonic plague is a zoonotic disease, circulating mainly in fleas on small rodents, and is one of three types of bacterial infections caused by Yersinia pestis (formerly known as Pasteurella pestis), that belongs to the family Enterobacteriaceae. Without treatment, the bubonic plague kills about two thirds of infected humans within four days. The term bubonic plague is derived from the Greek word βουβών, meaning "groin". Swollen lymph nodes (buboes) especially occur in the armpit and groin in persons suffering...

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Bubonic Plague oubreak in Northern China
Parts of a northern Chinese city have been quarantined after state media said a man there died of bubonic plague.  China's official Xinhua News Agency said Tuesday that 151 people were under observation in the city of Yumen in Gansu province after authorities determined they had come in contact with a man who died of the plague July 16.  Investigators believe the man contracted the bacterial infection after contact with a marmot, Xinhua said. The report said all the people...

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Men have Hot Flashes too….Who knew?
Men have hot flashes as they age.  Who knew?  There are many reasons a man can have hot flashes.  I have listed the five top reasons: Andropause In the past, people thought menopause was a woman's problem. Annually, more than 25 million men in the United States and more than 408 million men worldwide report having symptoms of male menopause or andropause. One of the most common symptoms of andropause is experiencing hot flashes. Men who are between 40 and 55...

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MERS virus match found in camel
The Saudi Health Ministry says it has discovered a deadly virus in a camel in the eastern Saudi province of Jiddah. The ministry's statement released Monday is considered an important development in the search for the origin of the deadly illness. There have been more than 60 human deaths from the virus known as Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, with all but a handful of the fatalities in Saudi, Arabia. The ministry said a sample from the camel...

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