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Ebola – Part III
Working with Deadly Pathogens Because Ebola is highly contagious, health care workers in the U.S. wear protective equipment (Personal Protective Equipment-PPE) to prevent transmission.  Items worn include: Mask: Prevents infectious agents from getting into mucus membranes inside the mouth nose or eyes. Gloves: Keep broken skin from contact with infectious fluids r needle sticks.  workers often wear two pairs in case one breaks. Full-body protective suit: Usually made of a fluid and air resistant, woven plastic fiber.  Suit prevents exposure to body fluids,...

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First Ebola, Now Marburg. What are the Chances?
Marburg, a virus similar to Ebola, has hit the radar in the African country of Uganda, raising concerns about another deadly outbreak. With two lethal viruses threatening public health, many are questioning why these contagions seem to be flaring up more often — and more important, what we can do to avoid them in the future. The current Ebola outbreak originated in West Africa and has killed more than 3,800 people, more than all other past outbreaks combined. The first Marburg death...

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Phoenix Zoo works to save Mount Graham Red Squirrel
The Phoenix Zoo and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced a 10-year pilot program this month that seeks to establish a successful method for breeding Mount Graham Red Squirrels The Mount Graham Red Squirrel has lost almost half of its population over the last 15 years, leaving less than 300 to roam its only home in the Pinaleño Mountains Their housekeeping habits help replenish the forest floor. They bury their food at the base of a tree and leave their...

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Dangers Lurking in Floodwaters
  Recently the deluge of storms in Phoenix created a chaotic situation in our beloved “Vally of the Sun.” Storm water filled culverts, streets, canals, yards, houses and yes, the few basements located in homes where the storms raged, were filled with storm water. The news stations videoed children and adults playing in storm water “ponds,”culverts and streets created by the storms. Public health officials have long warned that children and adults should avoid wading in flood-created ponds and water basins...

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