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Bio-hazardous Waste Removal


Bio-Hazardous Waste Removal

Bio-hazardous waste removal is something that should be handled by experienced professionals, as it can be potentially dangerous and harmful to health. Our team of experienced bio-hazardous waste removal experts are HAZWOPER certified by OSHA and are backed by over 20 years of industry experience.

 Exposure to Bio-Hazardous Waste Materials

Bio-hazardous waste materials can be commonly found in your workplace or agricultural areas. According to a survey done by the NHEWS in March of 2011, 70% of Health professionals reported exposure to bio-hazardous waste materials. Such materials could include fluids such as blood or human waste, tissues removed during surgeries or autopsies and waste from trauma scenes.

The correct removal of bio-hazardous waste material is crucial! If it is not properly disposed of – the results can be fatal. State law requires contaminated bio waste material to be collected and disposed of by licensed professionals. Learn what else is considered biohazard waste material here.

What is Bio-Hazardous Waste?

Bio-hazardous waste is materials, such as bodily fluids or tissues, which may carry harmful pathogens (bacterial, virus or anything that can produce a disease. One of the most common places that bio-hazardous waste comes from is medical facilities and research labs.

Bio-hazardous waste material removal needs come in all shapes and sizes and we are more than equipped to tackle the job! For more info on our bio-hazardous waste removal services, call us or email us anytime!

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