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Ebola: What do we know? Part 2

Ebola: What do we know? Part 2

  • 05 Jul 0

American aid workers recently were diagnosed with the Ebola virus. Interest is high with this deadly disease and many people have many questions about the real threat of a global crisis involving the Ebola virus.

What we Know:

The symptoms of the disease can include headaches, fever, muscle aches, sore throat, and diarrhea. In severe cases, there is also internal and external bleeding. The onset of symptoms is usually in about a week after exposure, but can occur as quickly as two days after or as long as 20 days after. Pre-symptomatic victims are not infectious. Because of the severity of the disease, infectious individuals are not likely to inadvertently transmit the disease in public settings.


There is no vaccine for this virus, so health-care workers who are treating the sick can’t be protected. The only protection is physical barriers that block their contact with the patient’s bodily fluids. Full body disposable suits, gloves, masks/face shields.


Currently there are no FDA approved drugs to treat the virus. Several drugs are in development, and it is reported that one of these experimental drugs has been used on the evacuated American health-care workers that were treated in Atlanta.



Submitted by Sharan Godwin, Crime Clean Decontamination, LLC

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