Ebola: What We Know - Part 1 Ebola: What We Know - Part 1

Ebola: What do we Know Part 1

Ebola: What do we Know Part 1

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American aid workers recently were diagnosed with the Ebola virus. Interest is high with this deadly disease and many people have many questions about the real threat of a global crisis involving the Ebola virus.

What we Know:

Ebola is one of the most dangerous viruses that we know because of the severity of the disease it causes. Less than half of the people infected with Ebola will survive. Ebola is a BioSafety level 4 pathogen. This means Ebola is ranked as one of the deadliest pathogens known to man, along with smallpox and hantavirus.

Ebola is spread person to person by the transfer of body fluids-sweat, blood, vomit and feces. Medical aid workers are at great risk of contracting the disease because of the close contact involved in treating these patients. It does take close contact and transmission does not readily occur through the air by respiratory droplets. Most important is that most cases of Ebola have occurred by contact with the deceased, either by family members or health care workers.

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