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Rabies Outbreak in Southern Arizona Slowing Down
Reprinted from the Weekly Bulletin covering Northeastern Santa Cruz County After nearly one year of being confined to 6-foot leashes and fenced-in yards, dogs in Southern Arizona may soon be able to run free without fear for rabies. A surprise outbreak led Santa Cruz County to issue a rabies quarantine in April 2014 to prevent dogs and other pets from interacting with rabid skunks, the main carriers of the disease in that area. The quarantine has been extended through April this...

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Dog Days of Summer-Doggies Do Get Jealous
Well DUH!!!  As a long term dog lover and dog owner (can you ever have too many dogs?) I have realized for years that dogs get jealous.  Dogs feel loyalty and in my opinion love.  So dogs are more similar to humans than thought...... In  newly published experiments, pet dogs became aggressive and pushy when their owners showered affection on a plush toy, which so  captivated the reals dogs that almost all of them sniffed the area under the fake...

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