The Consequences of Hoarding - Hoarding Cleanup The Consequences of Hoarding - Hoarding Cleanup

The Consequences of Hoarding

The Consequences of Hoarding

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What Are the Consequences of Hoarding?

Hoarding disorder can impair social, occupational, and other important areas of functioning.  Potential consequences of serious hoarding include health and safety concerns, such as fire hazards, tripping hazards, and health code violations.  It can also lead to family strain and conflicts, isolation and loneliness, unwillingness to have anyone else enter the home, and an inability to perform daily tasks such as cooking and bathing in the home.

I have personally responded to hoarding homes where the fire department would not enter. These are typically the homes that hoard animals. The health of the animals is compromised by the fecal and urine contamination inside the home. In these situations, there are insects, rodents and usually mold issues as well as other major health issues to the humans. Many times Crime Clean AZ responds to a death in hoarding homes. It is very difficult to re-mediate the area where the owner died because of the hoarding issue.

Professional Hoarding Cleanup

Crime Clean AZ is Arizona’s premier decontamination cleanup company. Our services include but are not limited to crime cleanup, trauma cleanup, suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, bio-hazardous waste removal, distressed property and reconstruction cleanup, hoarding and estate clean out, cat urine removal, sewage backup cleaning and mold removal. We are available 24-hours a day, 7 days a week and commit ourselves to helping others when tragedy strikes. We strive to restore safety in a discrete and timely manner.  Our goal is to offer the most professional services to relive family members, friends and/or employees of the emotional and traumatic chore of cleaning up after an unfortunate circumstance.

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