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Arizona Boaters: Don’t Move a Mussel!
Arizona's "Don't Move a Mussel" law, enacted in 2009 oversees protection of natural waters from predatory mussels thought to have arrived in the United States on European shipping vessels.  It is quite simple: Single Day Boaters a required by law to follow four steps when leaving the lake or waterway designated as having quagga and/or zebra mussels. Clean-any plants or organic materials (mud) from your anchor, boat, motor and trailer Drain- Remove the plug and drain all water from the bilge,...

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Drywall sickness real: Chinese product confirmed culprit
Chinese made drywall used in more than 20,000 homes in the United States could have caused nosebleeds, headaches, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks in tens of thousands of Americans exposed to it, the federal government said in a report released last month.  The drywall was installed in mostly Southern homes since 2005, and it has been the subject of multiple lawsuits.  In addition to health-related complaints, homeowners have also alleged chemicals found in the drywall caused foul odors and...

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MERS virus match found in camel
The Saudi Health Ministry says it has discovered a deadly virus in a camel in the eastern Saudi province of Jiddah. The ministry's statement released Monday is considered an important development in the search for the origin of the deadly illness. There have been more than 60 human deaths from the virus known as Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS, with all but a handful of the fatalities in Saudi, Arabia. The ministry said a sample from the camel...

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